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Welcome back ! We are glad that you have found your way "home" through this amazing medium. As you peruse the pages of our web site, you should discover number of exciting opportunities to connect with us and with your alma mater. And then if you are not already involved, we trust you will choose a place to start. Interactive communication with alumni around the world offers an attractive array of benefits to both you and us and we are excited to enter into this new relationship with you. While the Alumni Association has various means of communication, the Internet increases our accessibility. Now, not only can we receive information instantaneously, but we can also respond quickly.

During the last 20 years that MCA has been in existence, its alumni have played in an important role in building the credibility and stature of the Institute. As such, we invite you to participate in the multifaceted activities of the Department, be it Academic, Consulting, Conferences & Seminars or Executive Education.You would notice that there are many opportunities to interact with other alumni and staff here on campus. You will also find that the department has a wide variety of programs, benefits and services that are well-suited and relevant to our diverse alumni population.

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We would especially like you to provide feedback about whatever's on your mind. We are delighted that you have found us. Please be assured that we are continually updating and expanding the information and offerings on our web site, just as we are always looking for ways to improve our programs and services to you.

Equally importantly, your interaction with our present students & faculties, results in transfer of experience and knowledge. The Department will assist and support the alumnus body in all possible ways, be it through enabling alumni meetings, reunions and get-togethers, newsletters, and by providing the basic administrative support for all alumnus activity. Let us work together to take CET MCA forward in the years to come.