Software Development Team  

  Building a software development team depends on the people available, the needs of the project, and the needs of the organization.Effective software project teams are composed of people fulfilling a variety of roles. Each person takes on one or more roles; perhaps one person focuses on project management whereas another may be actively involved with both design and implementation of the system. Ours is a “Vertical Team Organization” which consists of generalists where Use case is assigned to individuals or small groups, who then proceed to implement the Use case end to end. The main advantage being that each member gains a wider range of skills.

The team patronized by the Head of the Department Prof. Reji John, is Guided by Salim A, our Lecturer.

The team members are: Jijo Joseph, Arul Jyothy, Krishna Prasad, Ashwin Kumar, Deepa Nair, Anjana, Vandana, Manu, Yazik and Keerthi.



  A Complete Software for College Management.
  Software for Quiz competitions.
  Software for Word Hunt competition and practice.
  Software for the managing Registration and activities of Technical Fest.
  Software for Coding competition of Chrominance 07